For every passenger on our December Day Tour, we are giving the Hutt Street Centre $5. We have also offered to collect donations of food and other items from customers on the trips, and so many people have called wanting to help by donating – it’s truly wonderful!

The Hutt Street Centre provides such an important service. They assist homeless people in Adelaide to survive, and to provide a path forward from homelessness. At Christmas, when we are enjoying family, friends and delicious food, there are so many other people in Adelaide who will be struggling just to get through the day.

If you are wishing to donate to the Hutt Street Centre, you may like to purchase something during your regular shopping, pop it aside, then bring it along on our December Day Tour. We’ll collect everything and deliver it to the Hutt Street Centre, along with our donation. The best items to buy are non-perishable food items, plus anything that might be useful for someone getting back on their feet, for example, toiletries.

It is heart-warming to see so many people wanting to assist!