One of our best short stayput holidays is coming up soon! Late in November we have our trip to the lower south east, staying three nights in Mount Gambier.

We always plan this tour for this time of year for one major reason – the Blue Lake is blue! Tucked inside the crater of a former volcano, it’s famous for its colour, but it only changes to this brilliant blue in late spring. Now, any lake inside a volcano’s crater is impressive no matter its colour, but when this lake turns blue it becomes something altogether more spectacular!

A lift takes us down to the level of the surface of the lake. It’s a special experience to get close to the water and see the incredible colour – so blue even on a cloudy day!

This tour stays in the very comfortable Silver Birch Motel, where we always receive excellent hospitality. We would love to have you join this special trip away, travelling from the 25th to the 28th of November. Read the detailed itinerary here.