Thanks to everyone for such a great welcome! We have had so many people calling us, and it has been lovely to start to get to know you.

To give you a little background, Monica grew up in Willunga, and I was born in Strathalbyn and we both still view those as our home towns. As a child I used to walk around to the home of a family friend who drove a local school bus and catch it as it left on its morning run – I’ve liked this kind of travel for a long time!

Monica and I have been running tours for 20 years. Our business is based on having people travel with us again and again – we know the vital importance of looking after our customers very well.

Another of our principles is to provide a high quality tour experience. Before we owned Endeavour Tours, I drove tour coaches, running tours for visitors from around Australia and overseas. Those groups expected a high quality experience and a guide who told entertaining stories that brought them a good understanding of the areas they travelled through. That’s what we like to offer our customers – so we hope you enjoy learning a little more about our fascinating state as you travel with us!

It has been a challenge getting tours arranged very quickly in these unusual times, and we’ve made a few mistakes along the way – we hope you’ll forgive us! Things are gradually settling now, so we are confident things will run more smoothly.

Thanks for welcoming us, and we look forward to taking you on some great trips!

Kind regards,
Paul and Monica Arbery