How You Can Help Us

It has been a very challenging year! Endeavour Tours has survived and kept busy due to the wonderful support of our customers. But there is something we wish to ask of you to help us through this complex time – Can you sit with a friend? 

One of the biggest challenges we have is the current seating restrictions. We can only put people in seats together if they are travelling together – people who normally associate with each other. This means our 28 seat bus can be full with just 14 people!

With tours booking out with so few people, lots of people are missing out on going on a tour. Also, such small groups are difficult financially – while our group sizes have to be smaller, the costs of running tours are the same (and sometimes higher). So if there is someone on your tour who you know, we would love it if you agree to sit together. It makes a huge difference.

If you do normally sit with someone, please check with us to make sure we have that recorded – it will definitely help us.

Thanks for supporting us!