Would you like to support an area that has experienced a massive drop in visitors after the recent fires, but don’t want to be confronted by vision of burnt bushland?

Although the fires were nearby, Bright and the surrounding region were not directly affected by fire. However, as a result of the fires many people are staying away and visitor numbers to the area have dropped dramatically. By travelling on our upcoming Bright in Autumn tour you’ll be helping these local communities.

This tour is generally popular – after all, Bright and surrounds are gorgeous in autumn and there is so much to experience in the area. We may see a little of the fire impacted area when visiting Mount Buffalo, but by then we are likely to see the bushland starting to regenerate and the rest of our travels will be the same as normal – absolutely beautiful. So by travelling, you still get all of the beauty of Bright, plus the added benefit of knowing that you are helping a community in need.

We encourage you to choose this year as the one when you head to Bright to enjoy the autumn colour. This tour travels 4th to 10th May and you can read a detailed itinerary here.