Is there a better road trip than the Great Ocean Road?

It’s one of the very best known, and it’s also one of the very best to experience. The Great Ocean Road has several completely different sections – stunning limestone features of the coastline like the Twelve Apostles, created by the wind and waves slowly eroding the soft stone, leaving behind pillars, natural bridges and gorges that are a wonder to behold.

Another famous section is where the road winds its way along just metres from the crashing waves. This section was built by returned servicemen and “susso” (sustenance) workers during the depression years.

Less well known is a section of road located west of Apollo Bay. Here the road ventures into the hills and rainforest! The journey between towering trees and gorgeous tree ferns is magnificent. The light is filtered through the canopy of leaves, and the lushness of the undergrowth is maintained by constant moisture.

These variations make the journey along the Great Ocean Road something particularly special, and ensure that travellers always have something new and impressive to enjoy as they travel. To experience this for yourself come with us on our tour coming up soon – we’re travelling from August 23 to 28. Read the detailed itinerary here.