If you are a regular traveller on our Day Tours, you are likely to notice that we have changed some days around over the next three months!

In October, Ramsay and Warnes travellers on the first Monday of the month have been changed to the first Tuesday instead, due to the Labour Day public holiday. Also, Inwood and Zadow travellers, Unaipon and Bagot travellers on Thursdays, and Oliphant and Florey travellers on Fridays will find that your day is a week later than usual.

In November, due to Melbourne Cup Day, Haywood and Gibson travellers who are used to travelling on the first Tuesday will find your day on the second Tuesday.

In December there aren’t enough days before Christmas for all of our trips! So if you normally travel in the second week of the month, your day will be in the first week instead. And if you normally travel in the third or fourth week of the month, your days are in the second week instead.

Please accept our apologies for all of these changes, and if you are at all confused please give us a call: we are happy to talk you through it.