This year we have two different options for experiencing one of the world’s largest and most incredible animals – the Southern Right Whale!

SA is fortunate to have one of very few locations where it is guaranteed to see whales at the right time. The Head of the Great Australian Bight is a breeding and nursery location for Southern Right Whales. Every winter they leave the cold Antarctic waters for the relative warmth of the Bight. Here they breed, birth and bring up their calves before returning to Antarctica. While they’re at the Bight we have a fabulous opportunity to observe them.

The geography of the Bight is perfect for viewing the whales. The land stops suddenly with the Bunda Cliffs dropping vertically into the ocean. This means that relatively deep water is just next to the cliffs where the viewing platforms are located. We are wonderfully close to the whales as they cruise gently past.

To experience this for yourself, we’ve created two different tours. Our five day Whales at the Head of the Bight tour (July 18 to 22) focusses on the whales, with two sessions to watch the whales. Our seven day Eyre Peninsula & Whales tour (June 23 to 29) includes exploring the spectacular Eyre Peninsula as well as visiting the Head of the Bight.

We expect these trips will be popular, especially as we have limited places available due to Covid restrictions. So please call as soon as possible to make sure you don’t miss out!