Mysterious Meander

Soaking in Spring.


Thursday 19th and Friday 20th October

What we can say is this venue is not open all the time, so it’s a rare opportunity to visit. There is a bit of history here although some of this may have been ‘buried’. It is definitely unique and has evolved over time, somewhat like the caterpillar which turns into a stunning, colourful butterfly…perhaps a pink butterfly. We have mixed things up a little today. We will do our scenic drive in the morning, then lunch at a venue where not only the sun shines bright! You won’t be ‘blinded by the light’ on this tour, but we think we will pass with flying colours.


A Mysterious November

Unlock the secrets


Thursday 16th and Friday 17th November

We can’t say this location is full of planes, trains and automobiles, but two out of three isn’t bad. One dates back to inception, the other is much more recent. Originally a gift, it is the stuff that dreams are made of…starting small and growing in size, but never losing sight of its origins. The youth of today could definitely learn a lesson or two! At our next stop we can see how things are returning to normal, as we relax and watch the world flow by. Hop aboard to uncover the mystery this November.


A Caring Christmas

Celebrate with friends


Thursday 14th and Friday 15th December

We’ve planned a day that gives us a wonderful time, plus makes a difference for others at the same time. In the spirit of Christmas, we will be collecting items for Foodbank, who provide charity food relief for struggling SA families. We will be enjoying Christmas lunch at the wonderful Oak and Iron Tavern at Auchendarroch House. As has become tradition, we will visit a cherry farm in the afternoon for the opportunity to purchase top quality, freshly picked cherries.


Christmas in July

Celebrate when the weather suits.


Thursday 20th or Friday 21st July

There’s no doubt that in Australia we celebrate Christmas in the wrong season! It’s a meal that is just made for colder weather! So this month we’re bringing Christmas to Australia’s winter! Our first stop is in Hahndorf at the Sanctuary Gallery, where artist Amanda Tuohy loves capturing the beauty and essence of our unique Australian wildlife in her art. Then it is off to the Bridgewater Inn for a delicious traditional Christmas lunch.


August Mystery

Stars in the making.


Thursday 17th or Friday 18th August

Today we visit something that is uniquely South Australian. Located in one of our State’s shining stars, it actually celebrates stars of its own. It has been in existence for many years, some parts longer than others. While the early residents are long gone, having bolted many years ago, there are still some originals to be found. Lunch is at a local ‘watering hole’ before our scenic drive in the afternoon, taking in the beauty of this area.


September Mystery

The secrets of Spring.


Thursday 21st or Friday 22nd September

Unfortunately, there is no inland sea to be found, but look over land and there is plenty to see. Where you may expect to find sheep and cattle, if you look hard enough you might actually spot a giraffe or hippo, even a highland on occasion. While there is no castle here, our venue does date back to yesteryear, but its repurpose is very modern and the visit is sure to be fruitful. Curious? Join us onboard to uncover the mystery!


Easter Hunt

A trail of treats.


Thursday 20th and Friday 21st April

Do we have a treat for you!!We’re taking our own hunt for special Easter treats and you’re guaranteed to find some delicious delights to bring home! We head to the Hills in search of goodies and supporting SA businesses such as the Bean and Bikkie Co, Melbas and a local bakery. Lunch is at the Woodside Hotel and we enjoy a drive through the countryside where we may see the leaves starting to take on the shades of autumn…it’s always a picturesque time in the Hills.


Paracombe Perry

Plenty of pears


Thursday 18th and Friday 19th May

Everyone knows what cider is, but how many people have heard of Perry? Perry is the pear equivalent of cider! A light, refreshing and scrumptious cold drink. We visit a very special Perry maker: Paracombe Premium Perry. Damian McArdle is a fourth generation pear grower, but a first generation Perry maker! We experience a Perry tasting and there might even be some fresh, new season pears available! From Paracombe we take a beautifully scenic drive through the hills, stopping for lunch along the way.


Winter Mystery

A history mystery.


Thursday 22nd or Friday 23rd June

So timely to visit this location, given recent flooding events. This venue might bring up thoughts of royalty, red wine or tones of red, black or blue. This is the biggest of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere and also has connections to big animals, including those of a Jurassic nature! Think you know where we are going? Hop on board to find out if you are right!


The Mighty Murray

Supporting Murray Communities.


The dramatic rise in water levels of the River Murray has been in the news for several months now. With the peak expected to occur in January, it is anticipated that water levels will not exceed that of 1956 but will be higher than other recorded floods in SA, making this a significant natural event. Our drive follows the course of the river, stopping at various lookouts to safely view the mighty Murray. With the river being the lifeblood for many regional communities, it’s important we provide our support.


Fermoy House

Discover the David Roche collection.


Fermoy House was the home of David J Roche AM (1930–2013) and it houses one of the most significant collections of 18th and 19th century European antiques in the Southern Hemisphere. A collector for almost 60 years, the value of these items exceeds $70 million and includes everything from European furniture and ceramics to metal ware, clocks and paintings. Following our visit we enjoy lunch before a scenic drive along the coast to appreciate the summer views.


Autumn Mystery

A day tour with a difference


We know how much our passengers enjoy a good mystery and this March tour is sure to keep you guessing. We’ll start our journey in the north, not near the water as some people thought. You might sit shotgun on this wild ride, but you can’t go too fast while inside. And for you seekers of more social pursuits, you’ll hear of singing, dancing and old footy boots. Before things turn chillier altogether and I’m not talking about this unseasonal weather!