Tour Description

August Mystery

Take off on an adventure!

Cost: $128

Are you ready for an adventure that will take you soaring through history? Our August mystery travels to a hidden gem of South Australia – a place we have never ventured before!

We cruise to a venue where history and technology meet. Where some things may seem out of this world, but others will propel you back to your childhood.

It is home to a number of unique things, that you will only see here in Australia. The international connections are diverse, they did not always call Australia home, but they all came here with a special job to do. Some were formal, others a little fishy; some took to the snow, some to the water, yet others preferred the remote. Some had serious business, but a few were all about the fun!

Given its location, you may not expect to find what you do here, but even this building has moved around a bit and had
somewhat of a woolly past!

Buckle up for our August mystery day tour. We may have you spinning in circles, but we guarantee a fun day out