Tour Description

March Mystery Tour

Unlock the clues to our Autumn Surprise!

Cost: $122

Hop aboard as we journey to a place filled with a fascinating past.

Once the start (or end) of something that was the first of its kind – not just in Australia, but in the British Empire! However, it soon became a problem when the nation just couldn’t agree. Broadly speaking, it was just not going to work! There was definitely some narrow mindedness and it did take some considerable time before they all joined together, but that’s pretty standard in these situations!

The location of our venue may insinuate it is home to something similar…but different! However, both go hand in hand as they have the same purpose, but offer quite different experiences.

There’s hints of royalty, romance, and Australian icons and no doubt something that will spark a memory or two.

As we navigate the streets to our lunch venue, look out for lots of arm waving or possibly a flag or two. Well perhaps not now, but once upon a time. Join us to unlock the clues to this mysterious day out!