Tour Description

Spring Farm Tour

A delightful day out!

Cost: $131

Join us this September, as we venture from Adelaide through the picturesque Adelaide Hills to the Hahndorf Farm Barn. Experience the charm of the countryside in full bloom this spring with a visit to this delightful farm, where learning meets fun.

You will have the opportunity to engage and feed a variety of adorable farm animals, enjoying hands-on activities with these cuddly creatures. It’s a fantastic opportunity to interact with nature and learn more about farm life and the animals from the farm’s friendly staff. After our visit, we’ll drive through the scenic vistas of the Adelaide Hills, enriched by the fresh, spring air and lush green landscapes that define this region. We’ll then continue to the Woodside Hotel, where you can savour a relaxing lunch featuring hearty local cuisine in a cozy setting.

This day tour is perfect for anyone looking to escape the city and enjoy a refreshing day in the country. Join us to explore and create lasting memories at the Hahndorf Farm Barn and the surrounding Adelaide Hills, celebrating the season of renewal and growth.