Tour Description

SA Silo Art Tour

(Combined Departure)
Three Days: 13th – 15th October 2024

Twin Share: $1169 per person. Sole Use: $1319 per person.

Included in the tour:
  • Home pick-ups & set downs (most metro areas – please contact us for details)
  • Picnic-style morning teas & all meals
  • All accommodation & admissions to all attractions
  • Experienced & informative tour driver/guide.


Our SA Silo Art Tour offers an unparalleled exploration into the vibrant tapestry of South Australia’s rural art scene. Experience a visually stunning journey that blends the charm of quaint towns with the grandeur of iconic silo and water tank murals. From the captivating coastal art of Port Vincent to the historical richness of the Moonta Mines Train Ride, and the awe-inspiring Quorn Silo Light Show, each site is a canvas showcasing regional stories and landscapes.


Day One – SUNDAY 13 OCTOBER 2024

Our artistic journey begins right at your doorstep with a chauffeured pick-up, setting the stage for a day of exploration and visual delight. As we depart Adelaide, we pass by the vibrant Two Wells Water Tank Art, marking the first brushstroke of our day’s canvas.

Our drive continues to Port Wakefield, where we pause for morning tea, a refreshing break amidst the quaint backdrop of the town. Here, we also get a chance to admire the unique Port Wakefield Street Art, adding a splash of creativity to our route.

The journey then takes us to Port Vincent, a charming coastal town where we indulge in a delightful lunch at a local café. Our senses are treated not only to tasty bites but also to the sight of the Port Vincent Water Tower Art, another piece of the area’s vibrant local culture.

Fully refreshed, the afternoon is dedicated to an extensive Silo Art Tour. Our adventure through the artistic landscapes includes visits to several iconic sites: the colorful Stansbury Water Tower Art and Stansbury Street Art, the intriguing Wool Bay Water Tank Art, the captivating Coobowie Water Tank Art, and finally, the impressive Edithburg Water Tower. Each site offers its own unique story and aesthetic, painted against the broad canvas of the Yorke Peninsula.

As the sun begins to set, casting golden hues over the landscape, we check into the Edithburgh Seaside Motel (Ph: 08 8852 6172). Here, we’ll have time to unwind and freshen up in the comfort of our accommodations, preparing for the evening ahead.

The day culminates with a cozy dinner at the Location Cafe Edithburgh where we can relax, dine, and discuss the day’s artistic discoveries. This meal not only satisfies our appetites but also offers a perfect moment to reflect on the beautiful tapestry of art and community we’ve experienced throughout the day.

Day Two – MONDAY 14 OCTOBER 2024

We begin with a delightful breakfast at Location Cafe, energizing ourselves for the day ahead filled with art and history.

We continue our artistic road trip passing the stunning Lake Fowler Water Tank Art, the iconic Yorketown Water
Tower, and the visually engaging Minlacowie Water Tank Art. Each site offers a unique glimpse into the local culture through the medium of mural art, celebrating regional stories and landscapes.

We then head to Moonta Mines, stepping back in time to experience the rich mining history of the region. Here, we board the Moonta Mines Train, a ride that takes us through the historic sites and remnants of a booming copper mining past.

Lunch is served in Kadina, where we take in the quaint surroundings. Post-lunch, our tour resumes with a drive past the Kadina Water Tower, another testament to the region’s affinity for combining utility and art.

Our afternoon is marked by a comforting stop in Port Pirie, allowing us a moment to relax before we continue to Port Augusta. Along the way, we drive past the Port Augusta Joy Buluch AM Bridge Street Art, an awe-inspiring piece that celebrates significant local figures and cultural heritage.

Our day’s journey culminates as we check into our accommodation at the Standpipe Golf Motor Inn, Port Augusta (Ph. 08 8642 4033), a welcoming retreat where we’ll have time to freshen up and unwind.

As dusk falls, we reboard the bus and travel to Quorn where we gather for a dinner filled with engaging conversation at the Transcontinental Hotel. Post-dinner, our adventure takes us to the mesmerizing Quorn Silo Light Show, an enchanting display that lights up the night with vibrant, artistic projections. This spectacular end to our day highlights the unique blend of natural beauty and cultural richness that defines our journey through this remarkable region.

Day Three – TUESDAY 15 OCTOBER 2024

Our journey continues as we enjoy a hearty breakfast in Port Augusta, fueling up for our final day full of discovery and exploration.

As we depart, our first visual treat of the day is the striking Wirrabara Silos, towering canvases that tell tales of the local heritage through their bold murals. Each brushstroke captures the spirit of the community and the natural beauty of the region.

With imaginations ignited, we head towards Gladstone, where we take a pause for morning tea. This quaint town offers a welcoming break and a chance to stretch our legs and enjoy the local ambiance. Refreshed, we continue our scenic drive, passing the iconic Snowtown Water Tower and the vibrant Bute Silo Art. These landmarks are not just functional structures but have been transformed into stunning pieces of public art, each telling a unique story of the land and its people.

As noon approaches, we arrive in Clare, a charming locale renowned for its vineyards and scenic landscapes. Here, we indulge in a delicious two-course lunch.

After lunch, our art tour resumes with drives past the Farrell Flat Silo Art and Eudunda Silo Art. Each of these structures is adorned with artwork that beautifully blends rural life and artistic expression, creating a picturesque route that enchants and educates.

As the day winds down, we make our way back to Adelaide, carrying with us the vivid images and stories of South Australia’s rural art scene. Our return to Adelaide marks the end of a tour rich in visual and cultural experiences, leaving us with a deeper appreciation for the unique blend of art and history that adorns the South Australian landscape.