Tour Description

Christmas in Winter

Enjoy a hot Christmas lunch on a cold winter’s day!

Cost: $93

There’s no doubt that in Australia we have Christmas in the wrong season. Hot roast turkey with vegetables, Christmas pudding, gathering together inside to celebrate: it just doesn’t make sense in summer! That’s why Christmas in winter makes so much sense – and is so much fun! Today we can think about the storybook scenes of snow-lined streets or reindeer pulling sleighs. While we might not actually see those scenes, the weather will feel more appropriate than the searing heat of summer! Our Christmas lunch is being prepared at somewhere rather special. We’ve arranged for a delicious, traditional Christmas lunch at the Kondoparinga Homestead. It’s delightful to enjoy this festive meal in a different venue, rather than a country hotel. We can pop the Christmas crackers, wear party hats, tell terrible jokes and have a great time with friends! Of course there’s more to the day than just lunch! We also visit Robern Menz in McLaren Vale, and tour the gorgeous countryside in the afternoon. It’s the perfect way to brighten up your winter! Happy Christmas!