Tour Description

History Mystery

Take a step back in time!

Cost: $126

Who is keen for a history mystery? It is the perfect way to celebrate History Month in South Australia and discover more about the rich heritage of our state.

As we set out to unravel the clues, take note of the green trees that surround (they may hold some answers), but let’s hope we don’t get stuck up the creek!

Today’s venue has had many and varied residents, both two legged and four legged varieties, some not so pleasant. Originally, there were many more females in residence, although this changed significantly over time, quite possibly to the other extreme. There is a story or two to uncover here, some with strong international connections.

There is no doubt, that as the morning progresses, we will witness some drama unfolding. We will definitely be seeing some stars. In fact, they are legendary here!

Join us to uncover the tales of time gone by in a charming local town. You will be fascinated by what you discover in this place where history and mystery meet.