Tour Description

Grand Homes of Gawler

Magnificent mansions in May

Cost: $88

In Adelaide, we are fortunate to have so many wonderful places to visit and explore so close to our city. Gawler is an excellent example – South Australia’s oldest town has so much heritage and beauty to discover!

Today we are fortunate to have a local guide on board to direct our special driving tour. Gawler was not just our oldest town, but it was also home to some very wealthy and successful people. With their wealth, they built some dramatic, beautiful and impressive homes. Our guide today will take us past these homes so we can hear their stories as we travel. Please note: we will not be entering the homes, but will be enjoying the views and stories while we tour.

Our drive takes in views of the magnificent 22 room mansion of the pastoralist, businessman and politician Walter Duffield, the home of engineer and manufacturer Frederick May, the home of foundry owner James Robinson with its spectacular cast iron lacework, and lots more.

Following our fascinating tour, we stop in Willaston for a delicious, hearty lunch. In the afternoon we head into the hills for a scenic drive as the colours of autumn begin to affect the deciduous trees around.

Come and enjoy a great day out exploring the hidden secrets close to home!