Tour Description

Clarence Valley – Northern Rivers

(Combined Departure)
Nine Days: 22nd – 30th August 2024

Twin Share: $4219 per person. Sole Use: $4819 per person.

Included in the tour:
  • Home pick-ups & set downs (most metro areas – please contact us for details)
  • Picnic-style morning teas & all meals
  • All accommodation & admissions to all attractions
  • Experienced & informative tour driver/guide.


Set off on our tour to the stunning Clarence Valley – Northern Rivers, where serene waterways, stunning headlands and beaches await. Experience the diversity of Northern NSW as we discover historical homesteads, explore vibrant communities, and immerse ourselves in the natural beauty of places such as the Iluka Rainforest. This journey promises not just a visual feast but a deep connection with the region’s culture and history, ensuring a memorable adventure.


Day One – THURSDAY 22 AUGUST 2024

Embarking from Adelaide, our journey to the Clarence Valley begins with a personal touch, as chauffeured home pickups seamlessly connect you to the comfort of our Endeavour Coach.

As we set off, the landscape outside the window transitions into the scenic vistas of the countryside, guiding us towards Tailem Bend. Here, we pause for a morning tea break, allowing a moment to stretch and enjoy the serene surroundings. Our route then leads us to Pinnaroo, where the Golden Grain Hotel welcomes us with its country hospitality for lunch.

The road to Swan Hill unfurls with each passing kilometre, offering glimpses of Australia’s heartland and the anticipation of discoveries to come. As the day’s journey nears its end, we find ourselves at our accommodation for the night at the Swan Hill Resort (03 5032 2726).

Our check-in is followed by a chance to unwind and perhaps stroll around its picturesque grounds before we gather for dinner.

Day Two – FRIDAY 23 AUGUST 2024

As dawn breaks over Swan Hill, our spirits are high with the anticipation of the day’s journey. After our breakfast at the resort, the coach carries us through the picturesque landscapes of Hay, where the vast horizons of New South Wales stretch out in every direction.

Our voyage leads us to an extraordinary sight at Weethalle, where the grandeur of the Silo Art Trail awaits. Here, under the vast Australian sky, we pause to admire the work by Heesco Khosnaran: a mural that weaves the story of the region’s rich agricultural history into the fabric of the landscape. This monumental art piece, a tribute to the heartland’s enduring spirit, offers a moment of reflection on the communities that thrive in this vast land.

With appetites whetted by the morning’s adventure, we stop here to enjoy our lunch.

The afternoon’s journey brings us to Parkes, a town that beckons with the promise of discovery and the allure of a starry sky. Upon our arrival, the North Parkes Motel (02 6863 4333) extends its warm hospitality, welcoming us as the day’s explorers.

After checking into our comfortable accommodation, there’s time to relax and refresh before we regroup for tonight’s dinner.

Day Three – SATURDAY 24 AUGUST 2024

With the morning light filling the sky, we depart from Parkes, our hearts and minds ready for the day’s exploration. The journey today promises a blend of art, history, and music as we make our way towards Tamworth, the heart of Australian country music.

After enjoying a hearty breakfast, we set our course through the picturesque town of Dubbo, embarking towards Dunedoo. It’s here we pause to marvel at the stunning mural of Winx and Hugh Bowman, a vibrant tribute to the legendary racehorse and her jockey, capturing the spirit of triumph and the beauty of partnership.

As morning turns to afternoon, Merriwa welcomes us with the warm hospitality of the Merriwa RSL for lunch. We also have the opportunity to view the Merriwa Art Silos. Gazing upon the Silos, we’re captivated by its stunning mural, a vibrant celebration of community and rural life that adds a unique artistic highlight to our journey through the region.

Our journey continues through the scenic landscapes of Scone, known as the horse capital of Australia, where the passion for equine pursuits is palpable. Each mile brings us closer to Tamworth, a city that resonates with the melodies of country music and whispers the stories of musical legends.

Upon arriving in Tamworth, our home for the night is the Ibis Styles Tamworth Towers (02 6765 83612), a welcoming abode where we’ll refresh and relax at dinner after the day’s adventures.

Day Four – SUNDAY 25 AUGUST 2024

Leaving the musical city of Tamworth behind, our journey takes a scenic turn southward, weaving through the lush landscapes towards Armidale. It’s here, amidst the verdant beauty of the New England high country, that the Saumarez Homestead beckons, offering us a glimpse into Edwardian elegance and pastoral history. This sprawling estate, with its meticulously preserved architecture and gardens, transports us to a bygone era of grace and grandeur. As we wander through its rooms and corridors, each corner tells a story, each artifact a memory. Our exploration culminates in a delightful lunch served within the homestead’s historic walls.

The road from Saumarez Homestead to Yamba unfolds, leading us to the coastal embrace of this beloved seaside town. As we arrive, the iconic Yamba Lighthouse stands as a beacon, welcoming us with panoramic views of the ocean’s vast expanse and the town’s vibrant heart. The sea breeze carries with it the promise of relaxation and discovery in equal measure.

This afternoon we check into our accommodation for the next four nights at the Yamba Aston Motel (02 6646 2199). Our evening finds a perfect setting at the Yamba Bowling and Recreation Club, where dinner is not just a meal but an invitation to immerse ourselves in the local community’s warmth and camaraderie.

Day Five – MONDAY 26 AUGUST 2024

Awakening to the gentle call of the sea, our fifth day is a deep dive into the heart of Yamba, a coastal gem that beckons with its laid-back charm and picturesque landscapes. As the sun casts its morning light, we start our day at the Yamba Cafe Marina for breakfast.

With spirits high and appetites satisfied, we embark on a journey led by a local expert, whose passion for Yamba turns our tour into a tapestry of stories, landscapes, and heritage. The Yamba Museum stands as a testament to the town’s rich history and vibrant community, offering insights into its evolution from a sleepy fishing village to a beloved holiday destination. Here, artifacts and exhibits weave together tales of the sea, the land, and the people
who call Yamba home.

The adventure continues with a scenic ferry ride to Iluka, a tranquil escape where the rhythm of the river meets the vastness of the ocean. This part of the day offers a moment to reflect on the natural beauty that surrounds us, with the serene waters providing a backdrop to our exploration of this charming village.

Lunch today is at the at Sedgers Reef Bistro. This afternoon, we are afforded some precious free time to immerse ourselves in Iluka’s tranquil beauty. This peaceful interlude invites us to wander along its pristine beaches, explore the lush environs of the nearby World Heritage-listed rainforest, or simply explore the local shops and cafes.

As the day wanes, our return to Yamba is marked by an evening of warmth and camaraderie at the Yamba Golf and Country Club.

Day Six – TUESDAY 27 AUGUST 2024

After a leisurely breakfast at the Yamba Cafe Marina, we set off for Grafton, a town that wears its history with pride.

The town of Grafton is celebrated for its colonial architecture and the iconic Jacaranda trees that grace its streets. Schaeffer House emerges as a window into the past, its architecture and collections offering a narrative of life in Grafton from decades gone by. This historic home, preserved with care, provides a tangible connection to the stories that have shaped the region.

Our journey through Grafton’s past leads us to Lanbruk’s Gunyah, an immersive experience where the bounty of the land is celebrated. Here, amidst the verdant fields, we’re introduced to the intricacies of local agriculture, from the cultivation of olives to the grazing of alpacas and dorper sheep. Lunch at Lanbruk’s is a testament to the richness of the farm’s produce, a meal that delights the palate while connecting us to the land’s spirit.

Returning to Yamba, our route takes us through Ulmarra, offering leisure time to explore quaint shops and admire the charming, historic architecture. As the day comes to an end, we find ourselves drawn back to the coast, where the Yamba Shores Tavern awaits us for dinner.

Day Seven – WEDNESDAY 28 AUGUST 2024

After a refreshing breakfast at the Yamba Cafe Marina, our adventure leads us into the heart of the region’s diverse heritage, starting at the New Italy
Museum. This unique institution tells the fascinating story of Italian settlers who carved out a new life in Australia, their journey and perseverance
reflected in the artefacts and narratives housed within the museum. Walking through the exhibits, we’re transported to another time, gaining insights into the resilience and contributions of these early communities to the fabric of local history.

We then meander towards Tullymorgan, where an entirely different experience awaits at Glen Ian Ostrich and Emu Farm. Here, amidst the sprawling fields, we come face-to-face with the majestic ostriches and emus, learning about their care, habits, and the role they play in farm life. The visit includes a BBQ lunch, an affair that blends the rustic charm of the farm with the flavours of freshly prepared local produce.

As afternoon fades into evening, we find ourselves in Maclean, affectionately known as “the Scottish town”. Its streets, adorned with tartan touches and Scottish motifs, speak of another layer of the area’s rich cultural tapestry. Exploring Maclean, we immerse ourselves in its unique charm, where history and heritage meet the tranquil beauty of the Clarence River.

Our day’s journey culminates at the Harwood Hotel, a welcoming establishment that stands as a testament to the hospitality that defines this region.

Day Eight – THURSDAY 29 AUGUST 2024

As we depart Yamba this morning, the horizon calls us towards new discoveries, starting with the serene drive to Evans Head. Here, the Heritage Aviation Museum stands as a guardian of stories, each aircraft and artefact a testament to the bravery and innovation of those who have taken to the skies. As we wander through the exhibits, the tales of pilots and planes from bygone eras unfold before us, each piece a puzzle in the vast mosaic of aviation history.

Our exploration of the skies then gives way to the bounty of the earth as we venture to Alstonville. Summerland Farm greets us with its lush landscapes, a harmonious blend of agriculture and social enterprise. This beautiful farm not only cultivates macadamias and avocados but also sows the seeds of opportunity, providing meaningful employment for people with disabilities. Wandering through the groves, the air filled with the scent of fresh produce, we witness the farm’s commitment to community and sustainability first-hand.

As the day draws to an end, our journey takes us to Ballina, a coastal town where the river meets the sea, offering a moment to reflect on the experiences that have enriched our travels. Here, the Comfort Inn All Seasons Ballina (02 6686 2922) welcomes us, promising a restful haven after a day of exploration. Our evening unfolds with a dinner at the hotel, and we share stories and enjoy our last night together, against the backdrop of Ballina’s tranquil charm.

Day Nine – FRIDAY 30 AUGUST 2024

As the morning sun illuminates Ballina, signalling our adventure’s last day, we visit the Australian Seabird Rescue, gaining insights into wildlife conservation. This experience enriches us with a profound respect for environmental stewardship.

We then share a farewell lunch at the South Tweed Sports Club, celebrating the unforgettable journey, scenic beauty, and friendships forged along the way. Laughter and shared stories highlight the camaraderie of our group.

Heading to Brisbane Airport, we’re filled with a collection of rich memories. Here, our Endeavour Tours driver provides essential assistance, ensuring a smooth transition towards our departure.

Upon arriving in Adelaide, an Endeavour Tours representative is there to welcome us back, offering support and ensuring a seamless continuation of our journey home, complete with the convenience of being chauffeured to our doorsteps.

Parting at the airport, we’re grateful for the journey and eager for future explorations, carrying not just souvenirs but lasting stories and a deeper appreciation for the Clarence Valley – Northern Rivers’ diverse landscapes and communities.