Tour Description

Winter Mystery Tour

See if you can guess where we’re going…

Cost: $107

Everyone loves a mystery! And today we’re going to do our very best to confuse!

We’re heading to a district that has always been a little different. The community here has at times been controversial, and yet their heritage is a very strong part of SA’s history. This district is currently going through some dramatic cutbacks, and it’s likely that we’ll see the impact of this as we travel – but strangely it seems to add to the beauty of the area. You might think the
slashing in this major industry is enough to drive people to drink, but the community isn’t the slightest bit depressed about it.

Our visit this morning is to another industry that has experienced massive change – almost to the point of extinction. Mind you, it’s an industry that knows all about hard knocks, and always seems to come out strengthened and with new beauty. A local worker will give us a demonstration, and how they show their skill will warm you on a winter’s day.

Lunch is just down the street, and it’s a lovely town – no bull. We’ll enjoy a delicious two-course lunch and be able to chat about what we’ve seen this morning.

Our afternoon might take us anywhere, as long as we end up back home!